Posted by: Colby Comix | September 25, 2011

Interview with Phoebe Gloeckner

The Comics Journal (TCJ) is a Seattle-based journal published by Fantagraphics, a publisher that nurtured many of today’s acclaimed graphic novelists.  The journal has been highly influential in the study and making of comics and graphic novels.  Earlier this year, TCJ republished Gary Groth’s 2004 interview with Gloeckner.  (Groth is editor-in-chief of The Comics Journal and a co-founder of Fantagraphics.)  The interview covers many topics, but the discussion of the autobiographical nature of Gloeckner’s work connects with Thursday’s presentations as well as with some of the blog entries on Maus that discussed that work’s fictional elements.

Also:  Here’s a link to a 2001 profile of Gloeckner (titled “A Graphic Life“) in the New York Times Magazine.


  1. This interview really struck me. I have never seen an interview so devoid of social niceties. I think Groth’s stark and sometimes forceful method of interviewing was really helpful. I wonder, though, if he would interview other authors/artists in this way, or if something about the graphic novelist as genre representative legitimized his rough technique. His pressing questions did help to unearth some really interesting things about Gloeckner and her relation to her work, but I felt like he was, at times, being too forceful and even a little rude.

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